Dino Morea on Acid Factory

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Hunky Dino Morea is getting ready to show you a new side of him – quirky. Well, that is he has taken on a quirky role in the soon to be released film Acid Factory. He says that even with its interesting story – all the characters have lost their memories – “Acid Factory has got a lot of commercial appeal to it.”

The film is a darker story for the actor and to really get into the role that he says is a “kamina”, he went with a whole new look. Talking about the film to Devansh Patel, Dino said, “I wanted to do something new. I’ve grown my hair, sported a French beard, styled myself really well and wore a hat in the film. Now how do you make yourself look different as well as make your character stand out? Besides acting, you also need to be stylised and on the edge, right? I’m on the edge because I am a cunning guy, a schemer, mad who wants to take revenge.”

One of the hardest things the cast found about playing characters that had lost their memories was to make it seem real that they did not remember how to do things, “The first few days of shooting, we were trying very hard not to remember things. But there were certain bodily habits which came naturally. The film took a lot of my concentration and focus in introducing a lot of madness into my character.”

He feels that audiences are slowly becoming more accepting of films other than the typical masala or romantic film but they are not there yet. “It’s time they did. Overseas audiences are still caught up in their own world, their own era where they are living in weddings, colourful songs, etc. That’s pass

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