Director in Slap Attack, Claims Actress

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Rising Sandalwood actress Aindrita Ray, who is also currently working on Jimmy Shergill’s J-horror-style movie Flat, claims she was assaulted by director Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar when she arrived a few minutes late on set for Nooru Janmakku. “I was not just slapped, but was also asked to keep quiet about it by the people on the sets,” she explains, “When I threatened to complain about him, he said ‘I am a senior director; who will believe a newcomer like you?'”

The event is said to have happened on a Star Cruise ship in Hong Kong on December 6th. “I cannot believe that I was hit by him,” Aindrita continues, “I was hysterical. Even my parents have never raised their hands to me. My mother, who was present there, was in tears because she couldn’t believe what I went through.” Bravely, the Rajasthani-born actress fulfilled her shooting obligations and is now back in Bangalore recovering.

Aindrita has complained to the Producers’ Association and describes the attack in more detail as follows, “It all happened so quickly. He lost his temper because I was delayed by a few minutes! I usually stand at a distance from him because he is very physical when he is talking. He came too close and I happened to nudge him on reflex. The next moment, a heavy blow landed on my face and my ear was bleeding. I retaliated verbally and he tried hitting me again, but the crew whisked me way.”

Karnataka Film Chamber of Commer of Commerce President, Jayamala confirms, “Our culture doesn’t advocate violence against women. No one has a right to hit a woman. I condemn such violence.” Leading actress Ramya also lends her support, “Whatever the situation, one cannot raise a hand on a woman.”

In a compromise meeting organised late on Friday evening, Chandrashekhar expressed his regret at the incident and a reconciliation was reached in the greater interests of the industry.

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