Director Shawn Arranha working on his next!

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He started out as the assistant director to Apoorva Lakhia on some of his biggest films including Shootout and Ek Ajanabee and though Lakhia did not want to lose him as an AD he went ahead and gave Shawn Arranha the chance to make his own mark in films. Produced by Lakhia, Shawn’s debut film was the scary suspense thriller Hide&Seek. So, what can we expect from him next?

Shawn says he wants to be a versatile director and that he will be going in a different direction for his next project. Talking to BollySpice exclusively, he told us, “I am in the midst of scripting 2 mainstream films which are completely different genres from Hide&Seek and I am currently in talks with various producers……”

Shawn is not only going to be directing the films, he is also writing the script for one of them. According to his tweets one of those is going to be a commercial entertainer, “Writing a full on commercial Pot boiler, fun, crazy, romantic, action, drama, totally opposite of thriller.” We also hear he may be looking to work on a crossover film with Hollywood actor, but that is still in the works so we will wait and watch and report if something does come of it!

We know we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us on the big screen! Stay tuned to BollySpice and we will bring you all the latest news!

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