Disney’s Latest Project Not With Asin

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Walt Disney is convinced that India is the place to invest. After Roadside Romeo they have announced two other projects in Indian cinema.

The first of course is 19th Step with Kamal Hassan and Asin. And the latest announcement is Zokkomon.

Zokkomon was initially to be an Asin starrer, however unfortunately this didn’t work out for some reason which Asin’s dad clarified was not to do with the signing amount. After Asin backed out, the film has now gone to the star from Jaane Tu Yu Jaane Na, Manjari Phadnis.

A source confirmed to Mid-Day that Manjari, after a whole year of reading scripts, finally came across something that she really liked and has agreed to the film. Formalities of the contract although are yet to be completed.

Well, it turned out to be win win situation for both Asin and Manjari at the end of the day! One Disney project for each of the talented ladies!

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