DJ Aqeel on drugs?

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DJ Aqeel, India’s most notorious DJ, was arrested at the Dubai airport on Tuesday June 5th for allegedly being in possession of drugs. The drugs were reported to be synthetic; however police officials suspect lucid ecstasy involved.

Aqeel’s frustrated mother-in-law, Zareen Khan, claims the DJ has been falsely accused of this crime. ”My son-in-law is a decent guy who never touches anything like that. It was a mischief played by a stupid so-called friend who planted .0 something amount of drug called ecstasy in his bag and then informed the police about it,” she adds on, ”Our lawyer has told us that that amount of drug is not enough for anything to get arrested. I am sure it’s a mistake and the authorities will realize it soon. It was planted by some jealous friend. They are going to hire a lawyer for him in Dubai,”

Aqeel was reportedly in Dubai to attend a multinational company’s anniversary party. His wife, Farha—better known as Sanjay Khan’s daughter—was also present during his detainment.

Police officials will conceivably subject Aqeel to a urine analysis following a hearing if arrested.

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