Do Knot Disturb

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Do Knot Disturb is a new film by comedy master David Dhawan starring Govinda, Ritesh Deshmukh, Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, Sohail Khan and Ranvir Shorey. From the cast of characters, this flick looks to be another trademark Dhawan laugh riot. For the OST, Dhawan has Nadeem Saifee and Shravan Kumar at the helm, with Sameer contributing the lyrics. So, does the music hit the right note or make you laugh even if it is not supposed to? Read on to find out!

The album hit the right note from the first with Beautiful Woman. The song is a rock-club mix that has got a great beat. Neeraj Shridhar sounds brilliant on the track; he has a terrific voice for this type of song. I loved the harmony throughout and how well it blended with the music. The ‘beautiful woman’ lyric has a wonderful tonal quality and, surprisingly, you do not mind that it’s in English. In fact, all the English lyrics are quite good! The phrasing of the lyrics is terrific and really adds to the quality of the song. It has a rhythmic beat with a nice mix of hip-hop and rock with an Indian flavor as well. It got my shoulders a dancin’, my feet a tappin’ and my fingers a snappin’ while I was listening. Def give this one a spin!

Bebo continues the trend of hits-not-misses with its cool groove. They really know how to mix a song! Very hip-hop in flavor again: I was moving to the fast beat the whole time, which makes it very hard to type, don’t you know! Again, it has English lyrics mixed in and again, not so bad. Neeraj Shridhar is at the mic for the second time and his inflection and energy make the song rock! Anushka Mancahndani has got a wicked voice quality that was perfect – loved her stanzas. This is another great track with fab music, excellent singing and just makes you want to get up and do one of your hip-hop moves (you have those, I am sure)!

Unfortunately, the title track Do Knot Disturb breaks the hit streak and is a miss. The music is quite an eclectic mix of violins, hip-hop beats, and rock guitar and it all sounded a bit of a jumble. On the lyric side, it has this “nananana” refrain that is quite annoying and most of the lyrics and singing are interesting but not in a good way. When Anushka comes in, she does make the song better, but she is not heard enough to save it. I did not want to listen to the song again, so I guess that pretty much says give this one a skip!

Don’t Ever Leave Me is sung by Shaan and Shreya Ghosal. This one follows the trend of being a very western club dance number with a rock riff. English lyrics are there, but these are not so good (“Oh Baby Oh Baby Oh” just one example). It would have been better all in Hindi or all in English. There are some discordant parts that grate, and the other parts musically are fine but nothing outstanding. Shaan and Shreya Ghosal, of course, sound good, but their voices are not enough to make the song a hit. Maybe in the film it will play better – I hope so.

Mere Naal is a very Indian flavored track with a Bhangra beat, but it is also mixed with a bit of western influence, and that is what makes the song fall flat. The vocals by K K, Shreya Ghosal, Earl, and Nitika Kanwar are very good, but the music does not back them up well. This song would have been much better if it was in a pure form. Not a shoulders shaking song. Maybe with dancers and colors on the big screen it will work, but it’s not a song I would put on repeat!

The album gets somewhat back on track with Zulfaen Khol Khal Ke with Sonu Nigam and Anuradha Sriram. Another fast song, the music has an Indian vibe but again with an underlying Western vibe. It works in parts and in others not so much. I liked the feel of the song in the beginning but it seemed to falter some as it went on. The lyrics and music were a bit too repetitive and so you fade out while listening. Sonu Nigam is again in good voice (is he ever not?) and Anuradha has a nice voice as well, so they save it somewhat, but there was just something missing in this song. It was fine, but it needed a pop and it did not have that!

The album started off in great form with ‘Beautiful Woman’ and ‘Bebo’, but then the next four tracks did not live up to that promising beginning. Interestingly, there weren’t any remixes, maybe since they all had the club dance vibe, they felt remixes weren’t needed. For sure, check out the songs that begin with B, but leave the others until you see the film!

Our Rating

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