Don 2 goes Berlinale!

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The Berlinale International Film Festival is one of the biggest in the world. Germany is one of the countries in Europe with the maximum number of non-asians who love Bollywood movies and Shah Rukh Khan. So it was no surprise when we heard that Don 2 would be premiered in Berlin on the 11th of February. And of course Bollyspice was there to cover the event and the press conference of course.

The press conference of Don 2 started at 8pm. It started off with a photocall where all press agencies could take pictures of the stars present. Unfortunately Don Shah Rukh Khan was missing because he was sick and would not be able to make it to the press conference on Friday.

Press stayed away because SRK wasn’t there:
This was reason enough for a lot of journalists and press to stay away from the press conference. The photographers of all the press agencies were practicing and teaching each other on how to pronounce Priyanka Chopra. The name Farhan seemed to be no problem at all. Immediately after the photocall the press conference started and Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra and Ritesh Sidhwani walked in to the room and were ready to answer questions about the film.


First it started with an introduction to Don 2 cast and crew and a little background information on the film. Listen to Farhan and why he had chosen Berlin as the location for the shooting of Don 2.


A lot of people in the West have a prenotion about what a typical Bollywood film is. According to them Don 2 is not a typical Bollywood film which has a lot of singing, dancing, huge sets, and is build around a love story. Listen to Priyanka while she clarifies on what a typical Bollywood movie is.


A few other moments from the press conference:


A guy from Nepal telling the cast and crew that he didn’t like Ra.One. Farhan, Priyanka and Ritesh were wondering why he is telling this to them. He finally asked Priyanka if the rumours that she and Shah Rukh were planning a trip to Nepal were true. It seemed like to news to her, but said she had some fond memories of Nepal.

A journalist asking a very long and tiring question on the success of Don 2 at the box office which translated into a whole other story to which Farhan replied as followed after having a look in the room if anyone understood the question: “I’m sorry, I am confused. I don’t understand your question.“ Actually nobody did. So he was forced to formulate his question again.

Another guy asked about Don 3. Will there be a Don 3 or not? “Currently I am not thinking about a Don 3. It is a character I love and I would love to take the story forward if possible. If there is a good story I will”, said the director.

Farhan also spoke on encouraging young writers. So to all you Don-lovers out there, if you think you have a good story for Don 3, please do contact Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani at Excel Entertainment and who knows they might invite you for a narration.

Afterwards Priyanka signed a few autographes and they were off.

Photos from the Event

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