Don 2 has it locked up!

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The fearless Don aka Shah Rukh Khan has hit the nail hard and bang on with his dreadlocked look in the film, as seen in the trailers. The star, who sports a special haircut for his jail sequence, has been getting muddy and dirty as he packs punches with the inmates. Shah Rukh shot for this scene at the Malacca Prison in Malaysia. Explaining the sequence, a crew member said “Don has an ace up his sleeve and has already masterminded a prison break.”

Shah Rukh Khan takes on the inmates of the jail and those who dared to question how he landed up behind the high walls. The actor shot with several local Malaysian artists for this sequence, which was physically taxing.

The film was shot in a real prison with real prisoners behind the jail and a complete section of the prison block was made available to shoot. In order to avoid any hitches, special crew t-shirts were made to differentiate crewmembers from the prisoners as it was a high security zone. None of the crew members were allowed to carry their mobile phones and laptops.

Produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar, who is also the director of the flick, Don 2 is slated to break into screens on the 21st December 2011.

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