Don 3 in the pipeline?

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Farhan Akhtar’s Don 2 has been receiving worldwide acclaim since its release and audiences are already wondering if there will be a Don 3.

Shah Rukh Khan, who has said that the filmmaker was not keen on making a sequel to Don 2 says, “We were not sure. Farhan was like, ‘how many Dons will I continue making!’ But we were not keen on making Don 2 too. It happened as we loved Don. Likewise, Don 3 may happen – you never know. We have kept a scene in Don 2 where there’s a slight hint that is given about the sequel. Everyone seems to be liking the action in Don 2, so does Farhan.”

Don 2 is an action thriller – a sequel to Akhtar’s earlier film Don:The Chase Begins Again, which was a remake of the Amitabh Bachchan-starrer, Don (1978).

When the filmmaker himself was asked how many films audiences can expect in the Don series, he replied, “Film ki kahani khatam nahin hoti. Just the way Don ko pakadna mushkil hai…same way story khatam hona bhi mushkil hai.” (The story of the film does not end here. Just the way it is difficult to catch the Don…it is difficult to end the story.)

“I made the sequel to the first film as people were asking me if I was making any. Earlier I had not thought of making a sequel…but the appreciation and constant curiosity let me think on the second installment of Don,” he said at the unveiling of the Don 2 trailer.

Having said that, however, the director has admitted that he would like to experiement with other genres.

“I need a break from action films. I have to think about other genres of storytelling too. And as a director, it’s also my right to explore different things because my last two films have been in the action genre,” says Farhan.

He goes on to say, “For my personal growth as a storyteller, it’s important to move on,” and adds that he isn’t necessarily looking to make films on lighter subjects.

“I am not thinking about making a film like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or going back to the Dil Chahta Hai (2001) zone. I feel my contribution or enthusiasm level about doing action films has already created the Don films,” he says.

Well, we are left to wonder – can we expect any Shah Rukh Khan-Priyanka Chopra-starring Kill Bill-style action films in the near future?

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