Dost dost na raha for Rani

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An unpleasant but common fact about the glittery world of movies is friendships are broken just as rapidly as they are made. No questions and sometimes no reasons. Very few can buck this trend. But one thing you won’t catch our beloved B-town actors and actresses doing is admitting it. Whether it hurts or not. Yes, there are some that make a controversy out if it by going public before the people involved know. But most of the time, the answer to the questions regarding this is either no comments or they plead ignorance. Some however, choose to clear the air.

While the queen of hearts Rani Mukherji is not one to speak ill of anyone, the actress has finally opened up to Filmfare regarding her absence at Abhishek Bachchan’s wedding to Aishwarya Rai. “It doesn’t matter. It became very clear and evident that we were only co-actors and not friends. Moreover, inviting someone to a wedding is a personal choice. Tomorrow when I decide to get married, I will choose the handful of people I want to invite. Poor guy has been married for many years, we should all move on. I will always have fond memories of working with him.”

Yet where Rani let time heal her wounds before making comment, the younger generation of actors have some that are quick to announce these things. The latest is Sonam Kapoor’s fall out with Ranbir Kapoor after making some remarks about Ranbir while appearing on Koffee with Karan with Deepika Padukone. “I don’t speak to Ranbir anymore. We are no longer friends, I guess. I am not in touch with him. He doesn’t feature in my life at all. Honestly, discussing him and Deepika in all my interviews is very annoying. By going on the show with Deepika when their break-up story was still fresh, I just got caught in the crossfire. I am an unfortunate victim.” says the Aisha actress when speaking to Filmfare recently.

Here’s hoping things turn out for the best for both actresses.

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