Dostana 2 is coming

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It is clear what a huge success Dostana was when it first hit our screens back in 2008 with it being the eighth highest grossing film at the box office in 2008. What with, the John – Abhishek duo and Priyanka in tow, Dostana brought us love, laughter and lots of eye candy!

Now audiences will be pleased to hear that Tarun Mansukhani is ready to bring us Dostana 2 slated for release later this year. If the rumours are true, Dostana will be shot across two continents – Punjab and London; unlike the first which was based solely in Miami.

When John was asked about Dostana 2 he confirmed the rumours and said, “It is going to be far more naughty and wicked. There will be lots of sexual jokes though Karan Johar and Tarun Mansukhani will make sure the gay community is not offended. Innocuous fun will still be the key.”

As there will be no beaches in Dostana 2 unfortunately ladies, there will be no John in swimming trunks. However, although John may be fully covered Abhishek is likely to be baring more, as John confirmed, “The cracks, if any, will show elsewhere.”

Although the on screen jodi – Abhishek Bachchan and John Abhram are confirmed, the leading lady is yet to be decided. Looks like the decision will be made once Karan Johar returns from Bangkok, who told The Indian Express ‘”The script is ready but since we are still in the process of approaching talent.”

Though if rumours are to be believed, Katrina Kaif has been said to be on top of the list of leading ladies.

Dostana 2 is one of the most anticipated releases and we are sure the chemistry between Abhishek and John will not fail to entertain once again.

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