Double Dhamaal

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When you get a hit film out of a jodi, you are bound to see them again on screen. In some cases, the magic returns in abundance and sets a new standard for the said jodi. But sometimes it doesn’t, leaving you with mixed feelings. With Dhamaal, it was a hit combo of 5 actors, Javed Jaffrey, Arshad Warsi, Ashish Chaudary, Ritiesh Deshkmukh and Sanjay Dutt, tickling the funny bone in a mad-fun game of cat-and-mouse. So does Double Dhamaal, the sequel to the 2007 hit flick, bring back the madness? Read on.

We begin with brothers Manav [Javed] and Adi [Arshad], Roy [Ritiesh] and Boman [Ashish] back to their good-for-nothing ways, still dreaming of the good life without a care in the world. They are still together and still trying to get rich fast and failing miserably each time until they run into their old foe Kabir [Sanjay Dutt]. Now an ex-cop, he is living the life they want, with Mercedes cars, mansions and a missus to boot. All too familiar with their antics, Kabir promptly gets rid of them when they approach for positions in his company; only to be followed by them straight home. Here the quartet find out Kabir isn’t the straight shooter he seems to be. So in a game of double cross, the quartet devise a plan to blackmail Kabir but little do they know, they are on Kabir’s court and he is the master of the game.

There’s no denying the lead cast and their capabilities of acting, especially in a comedy, but this is definitely not their best. Taking into consideration that this is a gag based comedy film, the quartet try their best to bring back the giggles in an over-acting fashion. But in all honesty, potty jokes, mimicry and even their multiple get-ups don’t work this time around. At the same time, due credit must be given to their multiple gettups, since each actor shines more in their act within an act than their “normal” selves, with Ritiesh leading, Arshad following and Ashish and Javed tying at the end. However, one doesn’t fail to notice that Javed has a less meaty role in the film. Sanjay Dutt plays Kabir like cakewalk but even he isn’t able to lift the film. Of the leading ladies, Mallika Sherawat makes an effort and creates an impact. Kangana isn’t in her element and really struggles after Tanu Weds Manu and Game.

The music by Anand Raj Anand is plausible. Cinematogrpahy by Aseem Bajaj is fine, but how one wishes Sanjay Sankla had a little more control over his editing. It’s only natural for a sequel to have a few gags from the first film to be inserted just to tie the films together. But when you have them repeated as much as they are in Double Dhamaal, your patience is tested to maximum capacity. You may get the giggles initially but in no time, boredom seeps in. Indra Kumar tries desperately to make a somewhat cohesive script within this comedy caper but he fails at the hands of screenplay writer Tushar Hiranandani where even the gags are drab. Add to that, the hint of a third instalment and we already dread what may come. Coming from a director that has undercurrent comedies like Ishq under his belt, this is a poor show and major disappointment.

Yes, you laugh at some instances but when you’re expected to turn off your brain and relax to a nice guffaw fest film, you know you’re heading the wrong way if your brain switches on again.

Our Rating

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