Dustin Hoffman and Chris Cooper in ‘Luna’

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As we reported earlier John Abraham and Rachel Weisz are the playing leads in Luna, a new film by Deepa Mehta. Now we can add to more big Hollywood names to the cast list. Dustin Hoffman and Chris Cooper, both Oscar winning actors, are playing important roles in the film.

Dustin Hoffman will be portraying the head of the lumber company that Rachel Weisz’s character is fighting against and Chris Cooper will play his right hand man.

Another big news item to report is that the film has been postponed and will not begin shooting until early 2008. It seems that Luna was going to be delayed and that is when Mehta said that she wanted to set the shooting schedule for early next year. Mehta said, “It’s true. When Luna got delayed, I told my producers I’d only film it in February 2008 because I wanted to capture a particular look in Philadelphia. I did offer to pull out. But they very kindly agreed to postpone the project.”

Luna certainly has an amazing cast and it is definitely a movie to keep an eye out for when it comes to theaters next year.

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