Editorial: Mumbai Terror Attacks

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At BollySpice, we believe in responsible journalism irrespective of its topic. We also believe that besides giving you the latest film world happenings, as citizens of the world, it is our duty to give you news that is integral to the globe. The whole world watched in shock and dismay as the city of Mumbai was taken over for over sixty hours by terrorists in a coordinated series of terror attacks. Young men dressed in ordinary clothes overtook the Oberoi Trident Hotel, The Taj Mahal Hotel, Nariman House(A Jewish Center), Cama Hospital and CST Station, shot at local innocent civilians while trying to create havoc all over the financial hub of India. While the terrorists who took over Cama Hospital and CST station were shot down and caught, the others continued to take hostages at the various other locations. After two days of nonstop firing and bombing, the fight came to an end with the hard work of National Security Guard Commandos and other officials in the country. Dead bodies were taken out from all locales and the wails of crying family members echoed through the air near and far. While this heinous act of terror is now finally over, the air in the city is eerie and Mumbaikars are asking for justice and answers. Ask any Indian and they will tell you of someone they knew or will trace someone in their friendship tree or family tree who was affected by the disastrous terror attacks.

Mumbai is known for its unbreakable spirit but this time things have definitely hit a high note with the local citizens. Not only were high-ranking officials lost in this unnecessary nightmare, but families have been victimized and scarred for life. Mumbaikars now live in the fear of being attacked again with no adequate protection. The local people have finally awoken. South Mumbai is a relatively richer part of Mumbai and since the attacks; the rich have finally realized that they too are not safe. The “middle-class” have risen and voiced their opinion since they see that they have never been protected. The youth have also decided to take a stand as they too see that their future is being tampered with. Together they have realized this is now a time to act and wake up. They are questioning their government, demanding answers and change. They are chanting the same slogan: Terror is never acceptable.

India is a secular country and houses a multitude of faiths with Hindu’s obviously being the predominate religion. However, terror has no religion. At any instance when a person takes part in an act of terror, they strip themselves of any religion instantaneously. All religions in the world condemn the killing of innocent people and hence humans or any God will not tolerate these acts of terror. Irrespective of which organization, country or religion these terrorists belong to, they will be punished in this world and the next.

It saddens me to see that these terrorists were obviously modern and educated. Is this the good use the future generation is making of their education? My message is one of hope and courage. It is important for us to remember the sacrifices that have been made by those who have left their families, while trying to protect civilization and us. But besides remembering them, it is important for us to also understand the significance of ensuring we are protected well by our government. As a taxpayer and citizen of a country, it is your innate right to be protected. If you are not, you also have right to question your officials. The youth must rise now and demand for a more sufficient government that will protect them. Just asking for change is not enough – clearly citizens should make these changes themselves. It is important for YOU to make a difference and this comes in all forms. Do not contribute to any acts that aid terror including corruption and bribery; pay your taxes so that your country can buy adequate equipment and gear to protect civilians in a time of crisis. This is not an attack on solely India, but an attack on peace worldwide. India had never thought they would witness a catastrophe of this magnitude and clearly this has shocked the world. No one is safe and it is important as citizens of the world that we stand strong to ensure our future is secure.

It is important to salute the brave who risked their lives to protect local citizens in Mumbai. The local police, NSG (National Security Guards), Marine, Navy and Indian Army all came together in a time of need and cooperated to bring the city back to peace. Mumbai did lose some of its finest officers in the tragedy and these martyrs will be remembered for the sacrifice they have made to their country. As parting words, our advice is not to be scared. Terrorists want to create fear amongst people and if you show them that they you are indeed scared, they win.

We pay our respects and salute the fallen lives, offer our condolences to the victim’s families, wish well to the survivors and pray for a speedy recovery to Mumbai. We are sure that “Maximum City” will be back on its feet, overcome their fears and will be ready to fight anything that comes its way.

Artwork courtesy of a wonderful artist.

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