‘Ek Manzil’ – Soundtrack

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The end of September is full of films and one of the more off beat ones but very intriguing is Soundtrack. Based on a true story, Soundtrack is the official remake of It’s All Gone Pete Tong. Starring Rajeev Khandelwal, Soha Ali Khan, and Mrinalini Sharma it tells the story of the rise of a young man to be a famous DJ. He has fame and fortune, but what happens when he can no longer hear the music?

Of course it being about DJs and music, the soundtrack is very important to the film. We loved the OST and ‘Ek Manzil’ according to our reviewer is one of the best on the album, “From the opening strums on the cello, ‘Ek Manzil’ definitely becomes a favourite on this album. The composition mixes the classical instruments with the thumping drums and gritty garage guitar to create such a perfect and harmonious sound. Whenever Vishal Vaid enters the foray, the music and his gorgeous voice work together so well to create a very interesting mix of pathos and anger. The lyrics are very evocative and Vaid’s vocals are so passionate without approaching a snarl.”

Check out ‘Ek Manzil’!

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