Ekta joins Vidya for Shaadi Ke Side Effects

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After the success of The Dirty Picture, Balaji producer Ekta Kapoor has been looking for more projects to work on with her favourite actress Vidya Balan. To Ekta’s delight that project is Shaadi Ke Side Effects, the sequel to Pyaar Ke Side Effects. While Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar were confirmed for the project around a year ago, Ekta was more than excited to have her production company join forces with the original producers Pritish Nandy Communications.

Commenting on the move Ekta said, “the subject simply bowled me over. It has plenty of romance along with the trappings of marriage; something today’s youth will relate to. It is very exciting to be involved in making such a film.” Commenting further she said, “I am looking forward to working with Farhan, who is extremely talented and Vidya, an actress par excellence and my personal favourite.”

Ekta Kapoor has never been one for giving too much of her films story lines away but she could not help to describe the movie as a “laughathon and entertainment all the way”. The sequel will continue the story of Sid and Trisha, previously played by Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat, but they will now be faced with the difficulties of tackling the issues of marriage.

Now with the successful producer on board, things appear to be moving fast with Vidya currently shedding weight for the film to hit the floors. If the production team and head cast were not enough to get excited about, it is understood that various stars including TV star Ram Kapoor, and singer Hariharan have been confirmed as supporting cast members. Sources close to the project say Hariharan is expected to play Farhans father.

Pritam has been signed for scoring the soundtrack while Pyaar Ke Side Effects director Saket Chaudhary will return to direct the sequel. The film is due to hit cinemas December 6th.

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