Ekta Kapoor and Expensive Cars

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Everything that could go right has gone right for Ekta Kapoor and her Balaji team with unprecedented success in their latest film The Dirty Picture and even more success at the award ceremonies. Ekta Kapoor has even picked up awards for herself which has pleased the power woman so much that she has given her own award to writer Rajat Arora – a cheque for a new car.

A source close to Ekta reveals that “she’s thrilled with the successes of her last film and feels Rajat’s dialogues and screenplays have contributed majorly to the success. Last week she handed the cheque over to him.”  The value of the cheque is reported to be 15 lakhs and Rajat was naturally overwhelmed with the gift.

Ekta confirmed herself saying, “We had a promise. If the film crossed a certain number at the box office I would buy him a watch and if it crosses an even higher number I would gift him a car.”

While the team continue to basque in their success we can only wonder if Bollywood’s industry figure of the year will think twice about making such deals otherwise she might find herself writing a lot more cheques in the future.

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