Emotional Salman

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Despite his “bad boy” image, everyone knows Sallu has a heart of gold. Yes, he’s all there for charity and good causes but apart from that Salman is also very well known for “Being Human”. A recent incident again brought light to Salman’s soft side. But his mellow side often gets him into trouble. No, this time it’s not Salman helping a poor man by giving his shirt or something, it’s a twisted tale.

About 8 months ago, Salman fired his driver Ashok Singh for misconduct. With the kind of relation Salman shares with his staff, Salman was very fond of his driver that he even gifted Ashok a flat on his wedding.

But with Ashok’s misconduct and bad behavior, Salman was peeved. Recently Ashok landed up on the sets of Debangg to meet Sallu, but Sallu ignored him.

But after a lot of cajole and coax he finally agreed to meet Ashok. On meeting Sallu, Ashok created an emotional scene, by shedding tears and pleading Sallu to get him back to work. The irritated Khan told Ashok that he has a driver currently and doesn’t wish to replace him any time soon. But Sallu being the mellowest and unpredictable Khan, you never know – he might just melt and give Ashok his job back.

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