Emraan Hashmi invited for biryani by Bidar folks!

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The sensuous Emraan Hashmi – Vidya Balan ‘Ishq Sufiyana’ track, which has just released, is already creating waves for the right reasons.

During the shoot of the track at the exquisite Bidar Fort near Hyderabad, a huge crowd, which had gathered there, was super excited to see Emraan bhai.

It is a known fact that Bidar has a sizable Muslim community, most of who waited patiently from the crack of dawn to see Emraan and Vidya stir up their chemistry, despite the presence of wild animals in the vicinity.

They were in raptures every time Emraan did a signature move in the track’s choreography – touching his heart with his right hand followed by a kiss on his right hand, known to be a Muslim gesture.

Some members of the crowd are said to have invited Emraan over to their homes for biryani.

Confirms Emraan, “The crowd in Bidar was fabulous. It was great interacting with them.” He laughs, “Yes, they volunteered to make me biryani! Maybe I’ll take up their offers the next time I’m in Hyderabad!”

Check out the video in case you missed it!

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