Emraan Hashmi’s ode to Gulzar

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It is a commonly known fact that Vishal Bhardwaj and Gulzar make for a winning combination. The composer-lyricist duo has in the past dished out some of the most brilliant melodies. Those in the forthcoming film, ‘Ek Thi Daayan’, are no exception to the rule.

This time Vishal has taken his adulation for Gulzar to a new level. In the video of the ‘Yaaram’ track (set in a house party) the filmmaker has included a scene where Emraan’s character (Bobo) pays an ode to the lyricist by reading out a few couplets from his book.

Tanuj Garg, CEO – Balaji Motion Pictures, said, “It’s a house-party sequence where Kalki (Koechlin) coaxes Emraan to sing. During the song, he lifts a book of poems by Gulzarsaab and recites from it. The book has Gulzarsaab’s image on the cover too.”

Adding, “It’s obviously Vishal paying an ode to his favourite. Gulzaarsaab is actually the lyricist of this song Yaarum too.”

Another on-set source reveals that when Emraan heard about reading the couplets from Gulzaar’s book, he was thrilled and revealed that he’s a fan of his works too.

We showed you before but once again check out Emraan Hashmi-Vishal Bhardwaj’s reel ode to Gulzar! The gorgeous ‘Yaaram’ has been rendered by Sunidhi Chauhan and Clinton Cerejo.

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