Emraan’s Movie Encourages Indo-Pak Friendship

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Mahesh Bhatt calls it “the moment we’ve all been waiting for” and we call it another step taken in encouraging and promoting Indo-Pak friendship.

Latest release from Bhatt production house, Awaarpan starring Emraan Hashmi and Shreya Saran has been officially approved for a Pakistan release.

In the past, Hindi films with Indian actors have been denied release in Pakistan with the exception of Mughal-E-Azam and The Taj Mahal, however both said to be in “special categories” of cinema. With the release of Awaarapan in Pakistan, history has been created for both the Indian cinema and politics.

Makers from both Pakistan and India are certain that with the release of 18 prints of Awaarapan in Pakistan, the ties between the two countries will certainly strengthen.

Indian movies in Pakistan are not a common occurrence, however Indian cinema has been quite inviting to Pakistani artists, such as actor Meera (starrer of Nazar) and various singers who have now become frequent names appearing on top 10 chartbusters!

Hope lies that in the years to come we shall see more positive steps taken by the industry in encouraging and further strengthening the bonds between these two countries.

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