“Entertainment – Entertainment Hoon” – The new Dirty Picture Trailer!

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As the weeks get closer to 2nd December, Ekta Kapoor and The Dirty Picture team are certainly turning up the heat by teasing audiences with new material. The new Dirty Picture trailer certainly will certainly turn that heat into roaring fire. In the first trailer, we were introduced to the magic of the 80s music with the ever growing favourite ‘Ooh La La’, but now we can get that sweet taste for Silk. There’s nothing smooth about Vidya Balan’s Silk as she takes boldness to a new level becoming the fantasy of all the 80s men and we are thinking men of today as well.

Watch out for the great sequences from Naseer and Silk’s flirtatious dialogues with the one man who hates her.

Will the Dirty Picture be championed by many as the entertainer of the year? We shall let you decide!


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