Escape for a few hours with Anaya Das

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Fans who are looking for some originality in their movie fare, need look no further than Jhansi ki Rani – the Great Escape. Based on the life of Rani Lakshmibai, the beautiful, young queen of Jhansi who stood up to the British during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 becoming a symbol of hope to her followers. She died on the battlefield during the Battle of Gwalior at the tender age of 22, but her spirit lives on in this new movie where she is played by Neelakshi Singh.

But it’s 21-year-old Anaya Das who is likely to turn most heads, playing the role of Neelakshi’s handmaiden. The new star in the southern firmament has already been signed up for two additional movies on the strength of her role in Jhansi ki Rani. The film includes the probably apocryphal story of how the Rani used her elite corps of women warriors to seduce British soldiers providing an avenue of escape during a critical moment in the siege of Jhansi.

Mumbai model Avantika Sharma also has a role in the movie as the daughter of the British colonel seeking to capture the Rani. Her desire to elope hampers his quest and causes him enough problems to provide the Rani with some much needed time.

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