Esha Deol Grows Up

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Remember the cute and talented young girl who was the original Dhoom Girl?, Esha Deol We’re here to give you an update of the girl’s whereabouts!

Out of the spotlight for a while, she has been seen at no award shows, no parties, nothing of sort why? Well, in a much awaited statement to Mumbai Mirror the actresses obliged at last to disclose why she’s been gone for so long. Firstly the actress makes it clear that she’s now going through a new phase in life. Growing out of the party-sharty atmosphere and worrying less about quantity in films and more about quality. Of course there is mummy dearest political campaign which she is actively assisting in. Then there is the new house in Goregaon, which she is helping her mum do up.

So, what about best friends like Zayed and Fardeen? Have they also exited the life of the new and grown up Esha? Of course not, the actress says that despite not being a party animal anymore she’s remained in close contact all her friends particular Zayed and Fardeen.

And now to films… When her next one? The actress has been someone amused by two particular Abhay Deol starrers, Manorama Six Feet Under and Dev D and wants to attempt such rebellious genres. The first step in the transformation of her filmography was signing Shivan Nair’s Exchange Offer last year, which is the only film the actress has signed. Replying to the question of why she doesn’t have as many projects in the pipe as before the actress said that the genres she’s attempted in the past no longer hold interest for her so she’s taking a stand and breaking away from those type of story lines. Furthermore, money is no longer an issue for the actress who’s proud to be a non-materialistic girl who needs no designer outfits or accessories but just a comfortable jeans and t-shirt.

As for the sexy and transformed Esha we saw as the original Dhoom girl, well Esha assures that work out and remaining healthy is now a large part of her life and going without a workout is simply out of the question.

Well there you go! She’s still around. Healthy, wealthy and without a doubt wise! Whether this new change in life and persona will create a u-turn in career is another question all together which can only be answered in due time!

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