Everybody Loves Salman Khan

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Take it from me when I say compiling a precise list of reasons Salman Khan is loved and adored is the most difficult thing any fan girl/boy can do. I mean, where do you start? However, with his latest release of Bodyguard releases on 31st August, we at BollySpice have composed a list of some of the reasons we heart Salman.

His acting – It began with Maine Pyaar Kiya and that pyaar has not stopped. Whether it was Biwi No.1, Tere Naam or Dabanng, you are always in for a treat as he spins his acting magic. Even his rough patch saw fans flock to his films with confidence that he would bounce back again, stronger than ever. But you can’t deny he has evolved so much as an actor from his Maine Pyaar Kiya days and appreciate how he acknowledges what works for him and what won’t, with a famous one being Shah Rukh Khan’s role in Chak De India.

His films – Do you want to cry, sing, laugh, dance and be totally entertained? This is one actor that has an entire filmography that does just that. No matter if your looking for the sentimental family drama sort like Hum Saath Saath Hain or the action packed masalafest like Ready, he’s been there and done that!

His eyes –Melting moments aren’t just cookies when you’re dealing with this Superstar and his beautiful eyes. When you see him interviews or on TV shows or in movies, the emotion is alive and kicking.
His swagger – Watching Salman strut his stuff on screen makes girls sigh and guys jealous with envy. A swagger is something that not all can get right but for Salman, there is no doubt in his ability to move.

His smile – Is there someone in the world that doesn’t like his smile? Really! Depending on the situation on screen or off, that warm/cheeky smile brings a smile on anyone’s dial, young and old, friend or foe- not that there are many.

His humour – If there is one thing that Salman is famous, its for that tongue in cheek humour of his. Whether it was his tv shows, interviews or on his twitter, bystanders and fans a like bear witness to a very intelligent and funny actor who doesn’t mind poking fun at himself too.

He is a Superstar – With all due respect to Rajnikanth, someone that Salman himself admires, this is one superstar that people connect with and has an amazingly loyal fan base. He’s had his ups and down, hits and flops but they are strong in their loyalty and fondly call him their “Sallu Bhai”. And its not like he doesn’t recuperate their love as he understands his fans’ enthusiasm and only asks to consider safety first.

His dancing – We told you he aims to be the best Khan at dancing but even then, he has a distinctive style to his moves that we all enjoy. Much like his person, there is a lot of masti in his style and the fact that you can see he enjoys himself is an added bonus in it too.

His golden heart – A friend in need, is a friend indeed. That’s the saying that most associate with Salman. He has no bones about appreciating work by his competitors. He does almost anything for his friends including cameos without taking a cent. He makes sure the dadi or kiddies in the sea of fans don’t get hurt while still living up the experience for his enthusiastic fans. Even while he was struggling with his trigeminal nueralgia condition, he sat and gave interviews for his latest release without showing it.

His body – After speaking about his bada dil, you cannot expect no mention of that bada-size chest. This maybe one for the girls, but show me one that doesn’t like to feel the security and comfort of hugging a guy like Salman. It’s heaven on earth! But it’s not just his chest, the man set the benchmark for best bodies long before every Raj, Rahul or Rohan came out with a 6 pack. Even Hrithik began his career with a few pointer sfrom our dear Sallu on fitness.

He is relatable – For the fans following him on twitter, you get a sneak peak at the human in him. We already know about his huge heart but it’s the little jokes, the poses, the questions, the answers that make him so relatable to his fans. There is no airiness, no attitude, not even an “I’m oh-so-proper” persona. Even his language that he converses in is simple and normal with no pretences, although his intelligence is never questioned either.

He is Being Human – After seeing so many build foundations, set up charities, this is a something many stars have done and it is very appreciated. However, this can be often distorted because fans often time support the actor behind the cause instead of the cause itself. For Salman, he began his charity work with the intention of not banking on his star pull. Being Human is his love child to help anyone, not just the needy or disabled, a concept not many address. Being Human support begins, as he says, by walking out your door and helping your fellow human being.

So from the big screen to the small screen, the actor, the producer, the charity worker, the human, the Superstar, all this is part of Salman Khan. Your reason for loving him may have been missed on our list but we at BollySpice love our Sallu and share that love with you!

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