Exclusive: BollySpice at Mere Brother Ki Dulhan UK Premier

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Yash Raj Films in association with Cineworld, Asiana Magazine, B4U and Etihad Airways organized a UK Premiere for their latest release; Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. The event was held at Cineworld, Feltham (London) on the 08th September 2011. As the leading actors of the cast were announced to make an appearance, thousands of fans waited for hours to catch a glimpse of Katrina Kaif, Imran Khan and Ali Zafar.

The venue was turned into a wedding reception with Punjabi drummers and dancers entertaining the waiting fans. The cast and director made a grand entry in a limousine and all one could hear was screams for all of them.

However, Metropolitan Police officers had to help out control the crowd besides a dozen of bodyguards for the actors. Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar were rushed into the cinema due to security issues when the barrier between them and the fans was broken. However, Imran Khan continued to sign autographs and took pictures with fans with heavy security around him.

Ali Zafar told us that He really enjoyed the few interactions he had with the fans at Feltham. After being probed about the UAE Premiere the singer-turned-actor said: “It felt really good to see their (fans) love here at Cineworld. However, Abu Dhabi was crazier. We could not interact with the fans at all because we would have been killed. There were just too many people.”

The actors also had a few minutes to rest from the frenzy surrounding them and I was there to witness it. Katrina Kaif was constantly being teased by Ali Abbas Zaffar and was joking around in Hindi. The actress usually avoids speaking Hindi around Press.

The actors and their director went into two screenings and thanked the fans and audience for their support. They were also presented with bouquets by their UK partners; Cineworld, Eithad Airways and Asiana Magazine.

The Delhi Belly actor thanked the audience for coming out to attend the first screening of their film in the UK. Surprisingly, Katrina told the audience at Cineworld that this was their last promotion together for the film and they won’t be seeing each other for a very long time. She then went on to ask the crowd to ask Ali Zafar to sing a song from the film. Zafar agreed and sang ‘Madhubhala’ live which was followed by cheers and claps from everyone.

Imran and Katrina were then rushed out of the cinema as they were already late to catch their flights to Mumbai. As anticipated, Katrina missed her flight as she only had 20 minutes left when she left the venue and was worried throughout the Premiere about missing her flight.

Overall, the Premiere was a huge success as the audience was enjoying and laughing throughout the film. To a lot of people’s surprise, some members of the audience stood up and were dancing when Ali Zafar’s ‘Madhubhala’ came on screen.

Here are some exclusive shots from the exciting evening!

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