Exclusive interview with the director of “Between the Night and the Moon”

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We are very intrigued about Kangana Ranaut’s new venture with Ambassador Pictures, Inc, a United States based film company. Apparently Kangana is in negotiations to be a part of a film they are producing by the name of Between the Night and the Moon. This exciting project is being directed by Italian filmmaker Gilda Pianelli. In an exclusive interview with BollySpice, Gilda talks about Kangana and gives us a teaser about the story of the film.

Has Kangana signed your film?
Miss Ranaut will be coming to the States to discuss this project further. She has expressed interest and we are delighted.

What was it about Kangana that made you approach her?
Miss Ranaut is an incredible artist. Her nuisances, her strength comes across stunning on the screen. Her eyes speak. She is very passionate with her choices. Our film is being created specifically for her.

When did you first hear about her? How did that happen?
We were in development long ago and I took a trip to the Bollywood Awards in New York City to meet her. There we spoke very very briefly. I had been doing research to find the right actor and when I saw her work in her first film Gangster I knew that Kangana was an amazing actor of depth.

What’s the film about?
The film is about love, passion and rage. I would say it is a modern day Romeo and Juliet… it is not an adaptation. It is set in Kashmir and the US. The script is magnificent and is very layered. That is all I can say right now.

So, what’s next?
We wait for Miss Ranaut and after her current obligations proceed on with this beautiful project. We are fiercely in development and looking forward in creating something exceptional and passionate.

Great luck with your project Gilda and thank you for your time.
Thank you kindly. Ciao.

Interview with Director Gilda Pianelli

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