Extra track added to ‘Jaane Tu…’

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For those who have seen Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, which by the way is storming the box office, you might have noticed that a few significant tracks were not included in the film despite being part of the soundtrack. Both versions (male and female) of ‘Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai’ were not included because the team felt they disrupted the flow of the film.

However, once released, the audience missed this track quite a bit and when Aamir Khan asked if he should re-add it to the film, most were quick to say yes. Through his blog, he explained why the track was not included and asked his fans whether they wanted him to add it back into the film. Though the response was fairly mixed, the majority leaned toward including the female version.

The track has been added into the film for one week only, as an experiment of sorts. Also, it hasn’t been included in the Overseas version because of ‘practical problems’. So if you’re a fan of the track, here’s one more reason for you to go watch Jaane Tu!

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