Fake Maanyata Dutt defrauding people on Facebook

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Two impudent frauds are making trouble on Facebook, pretending to be actor Sanjay Dutt’s wife and cousin and luring unsuspecting people with promises about film productions and auditions.

The fake “Maanyata Dutt”, garnishing her Facebook page with pics of the real Sanjay and Maanayata Dutt, assures in a very poor English, “We makeing this year few good film, we decided, we take new talents & Viewers i geting ur request after accept if u question then will deleat from my account.Myself & Sanjay sunil Dutt are useing account for networking & business purpose only.& friends if u have any request only send me message i reply you.” And then she adds, “I am financing few good films,Friends if u want to show ur talent in our projects and if u want to start any good project and u need finance,only message me,through Sanju cousin brother aditya we meet u and talk u,he is handling our projects casting & production work,his number I add in my profile info & Requirement for new female faces for our film projects & also talented fashion designer,only message your details in my inbox & contact Aditya.”

When the real Maanayata Dutt came to know about this, she immediately sent a warning on Twitter: “We are not auditioning for any of our projects via any social networking sites…please do not fall prey to such imposters.” She also gave information that she is not on Facebook anymore and added, “Sanjay has no cousin named Aditya and no such guy works for us.”

Hopefully there will be a way to stop these frauds from luring clueless people who are hoping for a place in the film industry to spend loads of money for auditions which never will take place.

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