Falling in love or getting married is not a crime: Kareena Kapoor

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Kareena Kapoor has come out and said that marriage is not a crime for an actress. Kareena wed Saif Ali Khan in October 2012 and she believes that professional and personal aspects of life shouldn’t be mixed.

Kareena was at the FICCI FRAMES where she lit the ceremonial lamp for the three day event.

“If a girl loves someone or gets married, it doesn’t mean that people will not love her or her character on-screen. These (films and marriage) are two different aspects and we should not try and club them. Anyways, falling in love or getting married is not a crime,” Kareena explains.

Actresses have always acted after marriage. It has just become more aware these days. Back in the days Kareena sites some actresses who acted after marriage…”Waheedaji or Sharmilaji, there were all married and they all acted in films like Daag, Amar Prem and Guide. It has been happening ever since”.

There is nothing to stop an actress acting after she gets married and there’s nothing to make an actress continue acting. Some like to step down and some like to continue.

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