Fans Fervently Call For Siddharth Anand to direct Pathaan 2

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Siddharth Anand is certainly on a high flying and successful roll with his brilliant action packed films! While 2023 started on a rocking note with the director delivering the blockbuster Pathaan, 2024 started off with Fighter emerging as the first hit of the year. Now, speculations are rife that while the sequel of Pathaan, is going to go on the floors this year, Siddharth Anand may not helm it.

However, Anand’s approach has been that he does not direct sequels, his focus is on creating franchises with his unique cinematic vision. Despite this, fans are fervently requesting him to helm the sequel to his blockbuster hit Pathaan.

Fans have taken to social media and persistently expressed how they want Siddharth Anand to direct the sequel too and repeat his previous success with Shah Rukh Khan. The Pathaan director is known to set a benchmark with films and then takes a fresh perspective to the next one. For Anand, this bolsters diverse creative input, ensuring the longevity and growth of the franchise with each new director’s take.

However, fans want Anand and only Anand, to take the Pathaan story to the next level, especially with Shah Rukh Khan returning in the lead role!

“Sid Anand Is The Best Action Director Of Recent Times in terms of scale, action blocks, cinematography..We have seen #Pathaan create history with All Time Blockbuster under his direction..So we want again Sid Anand in #Pathaan2..We don’t want any experiments please,” a fan wrote on social media.

Another fan mentioned, “Just Delay the Project & Give it to Sid ❤️ Sid k pas jarur Pathaan 2 k liye koi Idea tha isleya wo Pathaan 2 Direct krne k liye excited b tha.. Don’t Experiment with this one…”

One of SRK fans mentioned, “Lord Sid please Pathaan 2 direct kijiye🙏🙏 Your direction is just🤌 Fighter War Pathaan BangBang🔥💥No one would be able to present SRK as Pathaan better than you🙏”

Siddharth Anand’s Pathaan went on to earn a gross worldwide collection of over ₹1,000 crore and has garnered immense admiration for his brilliant direction, and praise for his work within the action genre. Known for his knack in establishing successful cinematic universes with films like Bang Bang, War, Pathaan, and now Fighter, it remains to be seen if Anand makes an exception.

Meanwhile, Siddharth Anand is currently enjoying the success of Fighter. As per reports, the Hrithik Roshan-Deepika Padukone starrer has reigned #1 in India, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Maldives and Sri Lanka, while it has charted in the top ten lists in 22 Countries globally including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Brazil among others.

We will be sure to bring you all the Siddharth Anand news, especially if he decides to direct Pathaan 2, so watch this space for more!

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