Farah Khan searching for Happy New Year heroine

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From acting in her first film last year in Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi, to recently choreographing the theme song for the T-20 tournament Dil Jumping Zapaak, which was a tribute to singing star Kishore Kumar, Farah Khan is still on the hunt for her heroine for her latest film.

Although there have been numerous rumours of who the heroine might be, the latest being Katrina Kaif, the choreographer turned director is still searching for a heroine to co star with Shah Rukh Khan in her film Happy New Year. Farah tells how she knew SRK was the one for the role, but is still looking for the right female lead. “I’m looking for the right face and will tell you (the media) shortly when we find her.. SRK was an automatic choice for the film”. SRK wasn’t picked because they were great pals but because since having worked with him in previous films, she knew he would fit the role well.

Farah has a lot o her plate and it continues to grow whilst she juggles her own career, her aspirations and of course her family. Once she finds a heroine, she’ll be even busier with filming and bookings.

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