Farah Khan talks about all things filmi

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Recently in an interview with CNN-IBN Farah Khan talked about all things filmi. Of course first up was her new film Om Shanti Om starring SRK. Of the film she said that though it is crazier than Main Hoon Na, it a great story and script. “It’s a trip, it’s my trip, Shah Rukh’s trip and because we had such a good time I think the audience will too. It’s a period film, set in the 1970s which was a rocking period for me. Also, you can imagine 1970s in Bollywood. So you can imagine the fun we have had with the hairstyles, the make up and the clothes. We did a lot of referencing. So if you see Shah Rukh wearing something, Rajesh Khanna or Rishi Kapoor would have probably worn it. So it was great fun for me being a 70s fan.”

Farah Khan went on to say that it is a bit of a take-off on Bollywood of the 1970s but not in a bad way in a comical and happy way. “I sincerely believe a director makes what he or she is. And because Shah Rukh and I are a bit mental and we both have a sense of humour where we can laugh at ourselves and take a trip on the work we do, the movie is entertaining.”

She added that Bollywood is filled with interesting and wonderful people and so she has included stories of them. “We have also done a take-off on Shah Rukh in 2007. I have him nominated for three roles in which he’s done exactly the same thing. He’s stammering to the girls and saying exactly the same lines. Only, the girls keep changing. Every scene is a complete trip so I hope the audience laughs and cries as much.”

About SRK, she says that she has no plans to work with anyone else for now saying he is her best friend and that “He’s accessible to me and he likes working with me. So why have a hamburger when you have steak at home?”

Talk then turned to her brother Saajid Khan and his film Hey Baby, which is releasing before Om Shanti Om. There is no competition between the siblings and she even choreographed a number for his movie. “Saajid’s going to make a fabulous film. I have seen a couple of songs and scenes and he’s done a great job. I think his knowledge of making films is much more. His love for cinema is much more than mine. Plus he has a great line up of stars. He’s got Akshay, Vidya, Hrithik, Fardeen and a very cute baby in the film so I don’t think he has anything to worry about.”

Directing was always Khan’s goal but she was first well known for her choreography. Which she started doing by chance or fate when Saroj Khan didn’t turn up on the sets of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander. She found that she enjoyed it and that it helped her meet a lot of great people, and helped her get established in the industry. Was it fate or chance? She says, “All good things happen by chance, I believe. Most people become stars because somebody refused a film. There are legendary stories. Aamir refused Darr, Salman refused Baazigar and it eventually fell into Shah Rukh’s lap. Dharmendra, Dev Anand refused Zanjeer and that’s how Amitabh Bachchan got the role. Most great things are just destined for you.”

About her triumph as choreographer, she went on to say that she did and does radically new things with choreography. “Chaiyan Chaiyan will always stay a milestone because its really my calling card even internationally. A song like that has not been done ever, anywhere in the world. I’m hoping with Om Shanti Om we go a bit further because here we have done a couple of songs that have never been done before. We made our heroine dance with Sunil Dutt, Rajesh Khanna and Jitender from that era. We have used special effects with a theme done never before. We have taken them out of their movies and put them on to our set and have Deepika (Padukone) drape herself around them. Something like that, is challenging to do rather than doing a plain dance number.”

The best dancer in the industry? “Definitely Hrithik (Roshan) is the best. His dancing skills are of international standards. I did Koi Mil Gaya with which won me my first national award. Then I choreographed the circus song in Krrish with him. Technically, no doubt, he is the best dancer in Bollywood,” she replied. Worst dancer she says is Anil Kapoor though SRK has also given a hard time, by her “honest” opinion as a choreographer.

Though she has stopped choreographing songs, (even Karan Johar has stopped asking), she has done some international projects lately and will continue do those in between films, if it is new and exciting.

But for now her focus is on directing and Om Shanti Om and we can’t wait to see this mad trip into Bollywood of the 1970s, Khan and Khan style.

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