Farah’s Kids Travel Economy

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Farah Khan announced her family vacation on Twitter and immediately jetted off to Bangkok with her husband, Shirish Kunder, triplets and her three servants in tow. However, a number of onlookers who happened on to be on the same flight as the family were surprised to find Farah and Shirish in Business Class while the kids and nannies were seated in Economy Class. Apparently the reason for the slight inconvenience was simply because Business Class was full and thus, the children were seen shuffling between their parents and nannies.

Passengers saw the triplets running up and down the aisles as well as playing with each other. In fact a passenger in a nearby seat claimed, “The entire journey was quite pleasant.” When questioned about the reason for the division of seats during their flight to Bangkok, Shirish Kunder simply answered, “There is a little clarification. Maids were in economy and the babies were with us. After Tees Maar Khan becomes a big success, we should be in a position to the take the maids too in business class.”

The family was taking a break after working nonstop on the Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar starrer that is slated for a late 2010 release.

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