Fardeen Khan to Get into Production

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The actor has been out of the news lately but is slowly making a return to the headlines with his recent decision to try his hand at production. Fardeen Khan, who’s been brought up in a filmi family, says he’s always been interested in cinema in every shape and form and thus the decision of producing shouldn’t come as a surprise to all those who are familiar with him.

“I have grown up in that environment when Dad and I used to discuss the nitty-gritties of film making. The craze of wanting to try my hand at production, therefore, was always there. I waited all these years because I wanted to give myself some more time and gain a bit of experience about how the industry functions. So I started as an actor. But a person has to move ahead,” said the actor to a leading tabloid.

Of course whilst we’re all rejoicing the news of Fardeen taking his career more seriously, we can’t help but be a tad bit worried about the fate of his acting career. “I have been thinking about it for some time now, and I would’ve entered into production last year itself, but I got busy with Dulha Mil Gaya. Last year was a good year for me in terms of films. But this year, I was determined to take production seriously, face some challenges and go ahead with some dream projects that I have been toying with.”

Now the million dollar question is what will happen to the sequel of Qurbani we’ve been hearing about so much, “A sequel to Qurbani was my dad’s dream, and is surely on my priority list. It is something that he wanted to do, so I’ll definitely complete it.”

Well with that big news out of the way, Fardeen can finally put his head down and accept this challenge straight on. With the advent of multiplexes, hunger for small budget films and forever changing audience tastes of the 21st century one can surely agree with him that production will be no walk in the park. Here’s wishing the actor all the very best in this new career path.

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