Farhan’s Sexy Head Banging

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Farhan Akhtar is the latest hearth throb in Bollywood, making the girls swoon and sigh when they see him onscreen. It all began with Rock On!! where he played the lead singer of a rock band. Whether it was his stylish locks or his husky singing, the girls would go crazy at the sight of him on stage. Add to that his wicked sense of humor and cool attitude, the girls go weak in their knees.

He is still seen out at about at various Rock events, singing to his tunes from his debut film. According to sources, “The females go crazy and request him to do the ‘Rock On’ head banging wherever he goes. They clap, whistle and blow him flying kisses…” The request to bang his head constantly may give Akhtar a headache, but we’re sure with the amount of flying kisses that head his way, it may actually make it worthwhile.

If you thought his first movie was causing this much chaos amongst the women, we can imagine the women asking him to dance when they see him next post his Luck By Chance stint. Either way, we’re pretty sure the new kid on the block is more than happy with his new status as a rocking heart throb!

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