Fashion Disasters of 2006

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This year saw many major parties and events and along with that some urbane and cultivated style. From the suave Manish Malhotra saris to the dashing Armani suits, we had the opportunity to appreciate and admire several gorgeous outfits. Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, Preity Zinta, John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan, some of our fashion icons, all living up to their image. Although, unfortunately enough, we did have our fair share of fashion blunders. With 2006 coming to a close, lets look at the 10 biggest fashion disasters.

10. Koena Mitra – She looks like she’s on a mission to a different planet. This one piece outfit is a definite fashion disaster, along with her make-up, which makes Koena look like a complete Martian.

9. Isha Koppikar – Looks like a blue fungal disease growing out of Isha’s ears. What could’ve potentially been a stylish outfit, is ruined by the uncoordinated accessories.

8. Kim Sharma – I have exactly the same pattern… printed on my curtains!!! This dress really flatters Kim’s figure but the design is all wrong!

7. Abhishek Bachchan – Orange, green, yellow, blue… there’s too much going on. The usually debonair Abhishek, reminds of an Aussie supporter with an orange scarf??? And his latest headband fettish is certainly not a good one.

6. Vidya Balan – With oodles of talent, beauty and brains, Vidya Balan is a icon in the making, but in terms of fashion, she has a long way to go. Throughout the year, we have noticed that Vidya dresses way too old for her age with outfits that certainly don’t complement her image or beauty.

5. Mallika Sherawat – Dress, fishnets, red shoes, socks??? Mistake, mistake, BIG mistake, VERY BIG mistake. Mallika gets it all wrong at the success party of one of her biggest films till date, ‘Pyar Ke Side Effects’.

4. Bipasha Basu – Generally considered a fashion goddess, Bips looses her touch a little with those slacks. Just coz you’re a celebrity Bipasha, doesn’t mean you can get away with those.

3. Ayesha Takia – The Chinese doll look’s certainly NOT working for Ayesha. The dress looks like something like which would be lying on the bottom shelf of a discount store somewhere in China. And the fringe just doesn’t suit her!

2. Amrita Rao – This pant- style suit was considered extinct many years ago, where on earth did you find one?! This petite actress is naturally blessed with good body and she really doesn’t need to cover it from head-to-toe in an unusually colored baggy piece of material. And what’s with the handbag?

1. Isha Koppikar – Number one on our list has to be this hideous and over-sized brightly colored costume that Isha adorns. The frills and spots accentuate the unattractive nature of the outfit and even the attempted cleavage show doesn’t cover- up the flaws. Isha is the ‘queen of fashion disasters 2006’, with 2 positions in our Top 10. If Isha wants her spate of biggies like Don and Salaam-e-Ishq to continue, she’ll have to re-consider her ‘style’.

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