Fashion Faux Pas!

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Tanushree Dutta was seen at a music launch sporting this atrocious, so called “outfit”. There is absolutely nothing right about the outfit! It looks like a rainbow gone horribly wrong. Where should I begin? The neckline is utterly blinding with the embedded golden beads. Instead of bringing the attention to her pretty face, the first thing you see is the disco ball around her neck! The pattern of her top is confusing and tiring. It screams “I need attention look at me!” The only problem is that you just feel like turning away. The two toned skirt is simply ugly, ugly and did I say ugly? Not to mention her accessories such as the metallic bag, turquoise earrings, golden bangles and strange chain, which I feel like choking her with. I think it’s high time that Tanushree bought a mirror for herself and tried using it.

Neha Dhupia, well known for her undeniably gorgeous face and glamorous style, wore a satin purple dress that certainly disappointed many. What was Neha thinking when she bought this dress? It does absolutely nothing for her slim body. I must say that the eggplant purple colour is simply stunning and it goes well with her olive skintone. But, she could have bought something that actually fit her. The top half of her dress hangs, making her look like she has three breasts…definitely not attractive. And the belt around her waist makes it look like she has bulges where, in fact she doesn’t! Now around her neck is a boring silver choker. Is that what she thought could suddenly salvage the outfit? Please, Neha…I know you can do better than that.

Oh my goodness, is that the big bright golden sun I see before me? Oops, it’s just Rekha wearing her usual blindingly hideous outfits. Rekha desperately needs to learn the art of simplicity. The metallic sari is appalling and outdated…wait, when was it ever actually in? She looks like something I would hang on my Christmas tree. The handbag (must I add that it’s golden?) looks more like a child’s lunchbox. Rekha-ji, please get a new stylist…by that I mean clothes, makeup and hair stylist, and spare our eyes.

This outfit, worn by Mira Nair at The Namesake premiere makes me laugh every time. She looks like a tropical forest. Now that I have stopped laughing, and have caught my breath I can laugh some more at her red velvet pants! There is just too much going on at the top half as the pattern is way too busy. The material looks extremely stiff and harsh. Furthermore, the fitting and length of the outfit make Ms. Nair look like a disproportionate blob, to be nice about it.

What is with actresses and busy patterns? Sometimes, being subtle can make one stand out from a crowd. It makes me sad to see the usually dazzling Shilpa Shetty dress as a pathetic and confused loser. Firstly, the print is repulsive and secondly, the fitting is awkward! The two together spell DISASTER! The long sleeves start out as quite baggy, and suddenly turn tight, making the top half of her arm look like its hanging. The drooping bow in the middle of her torso pulls her body together, somehow giving the illusion that her hips are humungous.

You can’t have a worst dressed list without including Celina Jaitley. Firstly, the blue eyes look completely fake. Celina, we get you have breasts; there’s no need to squeeze them into a dress 10 sizes too small so that they pop out like balloons. The print on her top looks like spilled cranberry juice, instead of flowers. And her attempt to match the top and skirt failed miserably. Furthermore, is that a purse she’s holding with the dangling pearls?!

Ajay Devgan has never been a fashion icon, but I cannot recall him ever wearing something this horrible. Why did Kajol even let him leave the house, wearing her flowery blouse? Jokes apart, Devgan looks absolutely awful wearing this white button down top covered with colourful flowers. The jeans are fine, but if only he had worn a classic polo instead. Hell, Govinda would look like a beauty queen beside Ajay looking like this!

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