Fashion Forward – Fall ’06

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As we bid the dreaded summer heat goodbye and greet the breezy fall season with open arms, we can’t help but think about the latest fashion trends hitting the market this season. Every season brings with them new colours, textures and style into the fashion world. This fall season is no exception. The best of the best designers have started to put on their Fall 2006 collection on the ramps starting from egg-shaped dresses, over-the-top looking furs to the shiniest in metallic outfits. Egg-shaped dresses aren’t quite the ensemble for day to day affairs so we took some of the hottest trends from the runway and came up with some more wearable versions.

Coats – This season we will be seeing coats inspired from the 50’s with a little couture flair to them. They have very beautiful details on the sleeves as well as details running down the front. For those who can carry it off, Napoleonic inspired coats are very stylish this season as well.

Suits – Perfect for the workplace this season are menswear inspired tailored suits paired with a very feminine blouse. You can also dress them up for a less formal occasion. Look out for plaids in pants and blazers but avoid the fashion blunder of wearing plaid from head to toe.

Bubble Factor – Many designers from Vera Wang to Donna Karen has brought back the bubble this fall be it in soft chiffon or wool crepe. A perfect little black dress with a puff at the bottom is perfect this season.

Layering – Something that has been bid adieu this season is overt sexiness. It’s no longer about showing your skin; it’s more about covering them. Conservative trends have been popping up all over the ramp. Everything from long scarves to double cardigans can be seen.

Oversized – It’s either big or small this season. If skinny pants aren’t your cup of tea then try on some wide-legged pants. Waistlines have gone higher this season compared to previous but don’t make the mistake of going as high as your waistline.

Furs and Metallic – If you are the adventurous woman then don’t hesitate to try some audacious furs in striking colours like midnight blue and fuchsia. This is also a heavy metal season with golds and silvers being very popular.
Colour it Grey – ‘Tis the non-colour season with grays being very popular. As the trend has gotten very conservative, try a range of grays from a smoky light one to a darker tone. Nudes are perfect too. They all look great with red, which is the only vibrant colour seen this season.

High and Higher – Wedges have made a huge comeback this season and if you are looking for an alternative then do not go running to a stiletto instead try on a chunky heel platform.

Accessorize – As mentioned earlier, it’s either small or big this season, no in betweens. We have seen mobile phones and MP3 players getting smaller and smaller and now so have purses. Another biggie this season is oversized bags, the bigger the better. They are now being embellished this season with purse jewelleries. Totes are perfect for all-purpose use.

Latest in Men’s Fashion:
This season the look for the men is very modern, sophisticated and preppy with clean lines and modern detailing with a touch of vintage elements. Nothing looks better this season than a casually fitted and clean white shirt. A white blazer is perfect to add some sophistication to an outfit paired with tuxedo pants, a dress shirt and tie. For a more casual look pair up the blazer with a nice tank top, skinny trousers and a whole lot of attitude and you’re good to go. In jeans, try to move from the regular blue jeans and give a shot to some grey jeans. Stay away from excessive embroidered jeans because it can’t get any less sexy than having a huge dragon embroidered at the back of your pants. Boots in a tan colour is great this season and very sexy with jeans. Oversize loose t-shirts in grays as well as Rock n’ Roll t-shirts are also perfect for fall. For some over-the-top fashion try one some furs and plaids. Colours to look out for this season are grays, black, beige, military green and to add that punch of colour play with yellows, reds and blues. To accessorize this season try on a mariner cap in charcoal and vintage oversized shades that can make your ensemble go from casual to glam.

That was my take on the latest fads of fall but now it is up to your individual style police to pick and play with all the new ideas.

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