Fashion Once Again

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Popular fashion designer Rahul Jain has decided to take on the director’s cap and make a film dedicated to the “real” fashion world. And while he has always wanted to direct a film, he was more inspired after watching Madhur Bandarkar’s Fashion, “Fashion was a very bad movie. I didn’t like it at all. I’m making this movie just to break the notion that fashion is only about glamour. A lot of hard work goes behind it. Today, if we are famous, it’s because of the amount of hard work that we have put in,” he explains to a leading daily.

Jain has already signed Shahid Kapoor to play the lead protagonist in the film that will revolve around his own experiences in the fashion industry. The film has yet to be named but the plot has been finalized. “The movie will talk about the pain, agony and discrimination that goes in this fashion circuit. It is not based on any fiction but all that I have observed, seen and dared to talk about. It would be the harsh reality of the fashion world. It would talk openly about the exploitation that exists in the fashion world,” he added.

Interestingly Jain has no formal training in fashion and in fact left his corporate desk job to pursue a career in fashion. His script is complete, the cast decided. All that is left is to find a production house to finance the film and shoot around October this year. The debutante director will be taking a few lessons from his director friend to get some idea of the intricacies involved in the art.

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