Filmfare Launches in Germany

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Filmfare Magazine, arguably India’s favourite Bollywood magazine, is now available in a German edition. The first issue in June is already a sell-out. At first the magazine will be sold monthly but it is hoped that it will soon develop a fortnightly cycle.

The editor of the German edition is Seweta Ahmadi of Media Offenbach Main. The magazine will be available through Indian stores and also through online subscription and download. It is very reasonably priced at 3.50 euros.

This is not the first time a Bollywood magazine has launched in Germany. Stardust tried an edition two years ago but it didn’t succeed and a German company also failed with Bollywood Rapid Eye Magazine.

However, times have changed and the prognosis for Filmfare is better as customers switch more to online purchase and downloads which carries lower cost and risk for the publisher. Perhaps now would be a good time for Filmfare to launch in the UK as well.

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