Filmflare or Filmflop?

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Fashion is a style of dressing and etiquette which our Western counterpart showcases magnificently during their annual Academy Awards. This year, Filmfare tried to create the same magic with their black tie event, but failed miserably. The prestigious awards of the nation ended up looking like a cheap copy of the Oscars with a budget of 10 rupees. The extremely hyped 52nd Filmfare awards came with a bang but left with no noise at all.

Most of the actors looked marvelous and passed admirably the “Oscar” test while some just didn’t make it. Here are some actors who awed us with their great looks and lived up to Bollywood’s glamorous image.

1. Kareena Kapoor – Walking the red carpet, Kareena Kapoor looked like a sexy maiden in a blue dress. Well, who wouldn’t look great in a dress designed by Manish Malhotra? But, Kareena pulled off the sexy structure of the dress with grace, toned body and matching earrings!
2. Hrithik Roshan – The hottest star of the year looked hot as ever during these awards. Girls longed to run their hands through his sexy hair, and some of them didn’t even last till his awesome performance during the awards. Since most of the girls, including me, fainted at the sight of him in his formal suit, we are willing to let go of the fact that he wore an absolutely horrendous tie.

3. Rani Mukerji – The brown-eyed beauty is finally looking like a well-accomplished actress instead of a fifty-year old “amma”. She looked graceful in her beautiful sari and set fire to the awards with her simplicity. She gets my award for “Most Improved Celebrity” fashion-wise, of course.

4. Malaika Arora Khan – Wow! This is one yummy mummy who looks her best always! I love her sense of style and she looks hot in anything she wears. Her orange dress looked magnificent on her toned, sexy body with beautiful earrings to match. It seems like buns are back in style, since most of the actresses have that same hairstyle.

5. Preity Zinta –Last but not least, Preity Zinta, who wore a hot red dress to show off her equally scorching personality. The dress showed off some cleavage which made the guys drool all over her. The little belt around her waist, exemplified the tiny waist our dimpled beauty possesses. She looked like a sexy siren in red and surprisingly, only one of the few people at the awards who could pull off a red dress.

Special mention: Amrita Rao looked glamorous in a black dress as we finally got to see her cute body come out of oversized clothes. Amrita, we wish that you wear clothes like these instead of oversized lehngas and suits. Finally, she too has broken out of the “amma” trend!

Now, let’s move on from the glamorous and look at some disasters at the Filmfare’s. Here are some actors who made you shiver, twitch and scream with their audacity in clothes and make-up.

1. Rekha – It is high time that this lady threw all her golden saris from her closet. Combing her hair would also help before attending the awards. She looks like she is attending a marriage with her maroon and gold sari and matching jewelry. This is an age when people wear subtle clothes and make-up to get noticed, but it seems like botox has made our dear Rekha forget her age!

2. Amrita Arora – It started out exactly as Preity’s red dress, but what happened near the waist? The little peek-a-boo holes do not suit the dress or her. And is that cloth that we see through those holes attached to the dress, or was she wearing something underneath it to hide her waist? Too much mascara, and overall a really bad presentation at the awards. Funny how her sister makes the “hot” list and she doesn’t. Please, get some lessons from your sister!

3. Kangana Ranaut – Kangana decided to wear a shiny, hideous green dress, which coincidentally has the same color as my pre-calculus textbook. When she entered she had a nice touch of make-up, but when she went to get her award, where did the make-up go? Did she eat the make-up along with her lipstick? Beaitful earrings though, but its high time this lady changed her hairstyle.

4. Abhishek Bachchan – Ah, Baby Bachchan! Here, we have another candidate who doesn’t dress his age. He wore a really handsome black suit…which looks great on politicians! What is with the hideous beard, and why isn’t he taking care of his hair?! Hair is a man’s best asset, so why is he growing it in all the wrong places? He needs to stop acting like his father, and start acting his own age. Take tips from Hrithik!

5. Aishwarya Rai – Our own Miss World disappoints us. Her golden sari reminds me of someone I have already mentioned. Oh yes! We have a Rekha junior in our midst! There are no flaws ever in her make-up, but why is she suddenly wearing clothes which suit our older generation better? The print on the sari is horrible, and it doesn’t suit her at all. I hope that she’ll get rid of her suddenly deteriorating wardrobe and Abhishek’s as well.

Our industry might make thousands of movies per year, but it has a lot of way to go to excel in style and fashion, especially when it comes to formal events. We can only hope that next year the style quotient will be a bit better and less embarrassing than it was this year! So, here’s a toast to this year’s wannabe-Oscars-but-failed-miserably Filmfare’s and cheers for a better event next year!

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