First Look: Bodyguard

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It’s finally out! The Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor starrer Bodyguard is out with its first look. The film, directed by Siddique is remake of Malayalam film of the same name opens on September 2nd!

Check out the first trailer!

The story revolves around young Salman Khan, who has a very strange habit; he adulates anyone with a trace of heroism. Whenever he develops an admiration towards a person, he prefers to move with that person as a sort of bodyguard. He starts admiring Ashokan, a former liquor tycoon and leading businessman. Salman Khan wants to be Ashokan’s bodyguard, but Ashokan does not need a bodyguard. Later, Salman Khan approaches Ashokan with a recommendation from someone he cannot refuse. He achieves his luck after saving Ashokan from danger.

Salman Khan thus becomes the bodyguard of Ashokan’s only daughter Kareena Kapoor. Salman Khan follows Kareena Kapoor to her college as her bodyguard. Kareena Kapoor and her friend Meera gets irritated with him following them all day.

The two girls started making fake calls to Salman Khan’s number, trying to get rid of him. Kareena Kapoor is the girl who calls him, telling she is very much in love with him. At first things goes smoothly but later Salman Khan starts loving the girl who calls him and Kareena Kapoor slowly starts loving him. Later he decides to leave the place with her after their college examination and friend encourage Kareena Kapoor to meet him at the railway station, reveal that the girl was Kareena Kapoor. But things get confused; Ashokan beats Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor saved him by saying that he loves a girl and going to meet her at the railway station. Kareena Kapoor has to make her friend go to the railway station pretending as the girl who calls him to save his life. But things take a turn and the friend go with Salman Khan. Years later, Salman Khan comes back to the place with his son to meet Ashokan. His wife Meera, the friend of Kareena Kapoor died and wrote the entire story in a diary which she gives to her son. Her son asks Kareena Kapoor to join them and she does. In the railway station Salman Khan sees his son throwing a diary into the waste bins and gets it without his son’s notice. He comes to know that the girl of his dreams and the caller are both the same person, Kareena Kapoor.

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