First Look of Ajay in Himmatwala!

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Sajid Khan is getting back to work with the tribute to the classic Himmatwala. Talking about the film, Khan says “I can only say one thing about my film — that it is loosely based on the yester­year film. It’s a completely new story in a contemporary set-up with several new char­acters.” Adding, “Our film is not a take-off on Himmatwala. It’s not a spoofy film. It is based on 1983 film Himmatwala and it is my version of it. You will get to see many things which were not there in Himmatwala. Actually, they are two different stories. We have taken rights officially for the film and for the two songs.”

The film stars Ajay Devgn in the role orginally played by Jeetendra and taking on the role played by Sri Devi is Telugu/Tamil actress Tamannaah.

As we reported earlier Ajay has plans to meet Jeetendra to really get the feel for the role, “Ajay holds Jeetu uncle in great regard. And to match his level is a challenge not just for him but for me also. Although I am still working on the script, trying to incorporate a few changes, it does make complete sense for me and Ajay to meet Jeetuji,” Khan explained.

Sajid is very excited about Ajay playing the role in the film, “Ajay’s image is action and intense oriented, but for me, he is a complete hero. He can do anything.”

In commenting about the film, Ajay says, “I’m excited to present this remake of a well remembered and iconic film to a new generation that will surely enjoy it. The new release is again stunt and action packed in no doubt a true homage to my father’s style of filmmaking. I’ll be shooting in Malaysia in the coming weeks with tigers for the movie.”

Sadly since this just went to the floor we have to wait until March of 2013 to see this Himmatwala, which incidentally coincides with the 30 year anniversary of the original which released in 1983.

We now have your first look at the posters of the film and can we say just from this first look we cannot wait to see more about Himmatwala!

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