Frieda Pinto Calls Bollywood Mindless!

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While many would claim that Frieda Pinto just got plain lucky with Slumdog Millionaire, she has yet to be approached or accept a Hindi film. However, as a rebuttal, the actress has claimed that Bollywood is just not her cup of tea and instead would like to be a part of more “serious” cinema versus the “song and dance routine”. She went on to say in an interview to a magazine, “I wouldn’t want to do a Bollywood film per se, but I would like to do an Indian language film. For some reason I think Bollywood has become synonymous with commercial cinema, which is song and dance and everything that is larger than life. I am interested in the reality.”

She also added, that while entertainment value was important, she felt real cinema was more her thing. She went on to call Bollywood “mindless cinema” and felt that a lot of the movies they churn out are not enjoyed by her. And after clearly belittling Hindi cinema, she went on to say as a clear cover up, “I say hats off to them for doing what they do, because it takes a lot of courage. It is easier to stand and deliver dialogue. Imagine dancing a song out and kind of expressing through it. I think it is a challenge and requires you to lose your inhibitions.”

Frieda Pinto, who has had no release since Slumdog Millionaire, will next be seen in Rise of the Apes and Woody Allen’s You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.

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