Frieda Pinto: Paparazzi Clueless

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In a recent interview with fashion magazine InStyle, Frieda Pinto spoke at length about her beauty secrets. A few trade secrets she let out of the bag included using petroleum jelly on her eye lids and wearing sunscreen every day. “Ages ago my mom taught me to drink lots of fruit and vegetable juice. But it has to be fresh.” She expressed her immense appreciation for Angelina Jolie, “she looked just like she does in magazines—in fact she looks even better.”

However, the actress went on to make quite a clueless and uneducated statement when she was asked about being “swarmed” by the paparazzi in India. “We don’t have a paparazzi there, thank God for that. The fans are excited though.”

Not sure which part of India the 25-year-old actress is talking about but Mumbai itself has paparazzi galore. In fact Bollywood stars have gone on to complain and even condemn the Indian paparazzi. They have collectively stated that the Desi paparazzi is intrusive and extremely inconsiderate of celebrities and their lives.

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