Full Hot Video! Priyanka Chopra’s New Track ‘Exotic’ Featuring Pitbull

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They have been teasing us with sneak peeks of the video for Priyanka Chopra’s second track ‘Exotic’ and fans have been going wild clamoring for more and we have it for you! The song released yesterday and is already number 1 on the Indian iTunes chart and now we have the cool video for the track. ‘Exotic’ has a killer groove with some fab vocals by Priyanka, which is enriched by a new flavor when Pitbull brings in his beats! A rockin’ track that has a great mix of Priyanka’s Indian flavor and Pitbull’s full on American rap. About the success of ‘Exotic’, Priyanka said, “This is so overwhelming. I’m humbled and super excited. I’m so glad that my ‘desi’ experiment has been accepted and appreciated. I owe it all to my amazing fans who have been so supportive of my music foray. Thank you for making this happen.”

Check out the full hot video for ‘Exotic’, needless to say, but we will, Ms. Chopra is soundin’ and lookin’ fine!

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