Galti Se Mistake from Jagga Jasoos has True Assamese Bihu Folk Music influence

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Pritam and Anurag Basu are always a combination the audience waits for and the music of Jagga Jasoos is no different. The musical has about 20 such songs and the recently released, Galti Se Mistake music arrangement has taken influence from the beautiful Assamese Bihu folk music.

Music Producer Dhrubajyoti Phukan, who is from Assam, says, “Pritam has given a chance to Assamese Bihu folk song on such big platform. Generally the north east folk songs are often neglected by mainstream music. But we have tweaked the song in such a way that people from other regions of India can relate to it and enjoy it.”

Further he adds, “The song is now becoming increasingly successful and I am so proud of my Assamese Bihu being used in a national mainstream song and I would like to thank Pritam for it.”

While describing how the song is Bihu he says, “First the basic melodic mode or ‘thant’ or raag on which the song is based is very common in Bihu. Typical Bihu instruments like Pepa, Gohona, Toka Taak Bihu shouts has been used in the song. There is always a crescendo at the end of the song in Assamese Bihu which is used in this song. The ad lib of Pepa instrument keeps playing on loop, two Pepa plays different tunes which gets merge and sounds like a unique harmony. There main music riff is of Pepa and we have used tribal house sample library grooves and electronic riffs to make it sound like electronic Bihu and not raw Bihu. The Pepa tune has been chopped in such a way that it has been matched to typical Assamese phrases like mix of 6-8 group playing some phrases in 4-4. Its a unique colour of Assamese bihu which has been very nicely used.”

Addressing the recent stories about the song Dj Phukan Sunny MR and Rohan Chauhan said,

“As technology advances it comes with both good and bad things. Now a days there are social media platforms where anyone can express each and every emotion publicly. And their ignorance and overconfidence unnecessarily creates controversy.

We notice lots of half knowledged, pseudo music critics evolving everywhere on the net. These guys apparently have no knowledge about licensed loops or presets and openly put allegations on creative people.

‘Galtise mistake’ is basically an arrangement totally based on Assamese Bihu, with lots of ‘pepa'(an Assamese folk instrument), ‘Bihu dhols’, ‘Gagana’s and based on Bihu folk melodies. The similarity which a few people feel in the song might be just because we have used some samples of a licensed Cumbia tribal library to make it a little contemporary and more enjoyable to the common listeners, especially the young crowd.

The tune of the song and music is no where close to anything to the song with which it is being compared.

These guys have clearly listened to more Mexican music and have no knowledge of the rich folk music of their own country (shamefully), that’s why they found resemblance to ‘3ballmt’ more than Bihu.

They have probably not heard a Bihu, Pepa or Assamese dhol in their lives.

Probably they even don’t know this kind of folk music exists in India.

It hurts us for being alleged of plagiarism after making genuinely original music working day and night. Please don’t discourage someone who is creating something of their own. Constructive criticism or criticism in general, if people don’t like a track is absolutely fine. It helps us better our skills and learn from our mistakes. But to have untrue allegations on our work is really very hurtful. It kills creativity.

I request to these people not to write anything before having enough knowledge/research on the subject, just for the sake of publicity or fun.”

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