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Although Abhinay Deo is a debutant director, his is definitely a name that has made it to the news headlines more than a couple of times in the recent years. The director, who is yet to have a release, is also the director of upcoming Aamir Khan production Delhi Belly. So naturally he has had his share of the limelight already. However, now it’s time for his work to finally see the light of the day, and that day will come this March 18th with his Abhishek Bachchan, Kangana Ranaut and debutant Sara Jane Dias starrer Game. Backed by one of the most successful production houses of the country, Excel Entertainment (Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar), the film promises to be an action packed drama. Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy generally aren’t the composers you associate with such a genre, however their association with Excel Entertainment ensures their presence on the scene. The last time the trio attempted an eccentric action thriller was Johnny Gadaar which was a hugely successful album. Do they manage to repeat that magic? Only time will tell.

Vishal Dadlani opens the album for SEL with the title track It’s a Game. It’s a fast paced stylish number that is right up Vishal’s alley! Rock and techno is the genre you’d slot the number into and ordinarily you’d expect it to be presented in a very sleek fashion onscreen, perhaps during the opening credits. The lyrics are nothing extraordinary but just explains all the characteristics present when one is faced with a game. SEL definitely don’t disappoint in delivering the kind of number you’d expect from the album of an action/drama film.

If you missed the feminine touch in It’s a Game then skip ahead to the ‘reprise’ version in which the track has been reprised by Sunitha Sarathy. When you hear Sunitha’s voice you instantly get a bit annoyed as to why she’s not used more! She blew us all away with her appearance in Yuva, in particular in the ‘Khuda Hafiz’ song. Her voice couldn’t have been more perfect to fit the genre of the song.

Next comes a singer that has been greatly missing from the musical scene for way too long and that is the one and only, Shaan! The singer is quick to remind us that there’s no one quite like him with Maine Yeh Kab Socha Tha. Anusha Mani (Leherein – Aisha & Lazy Lamhe – Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic) accompanies him in this soft and sweet romantic number. No one does romantic quite like Shaan and its even nicer to see the composers choosing an unconventional female singer who we otherwise don’t hear much from. The composition is the highlight of this one, especially the piano and the string orchestra.

Shreya Ghosal enters next in all her glory with Mehki Mehki. As fabulous of a singer as Shreya is, she is clearly overshadowed by Kshitij (Dhol Yaara Dhol & Ranjhana – Dev D). The song is an ideal scene for a salsa number and this is why
Kshitij rocks in the number as he has the right amount of smoothness in his voice that sounds truly ‘sexy’ when mixed with the music. Shreya whilst impressive brings in her Indian training a bit too obviously into the number. Once again SEL’s composition is the highlight of this one along with Kshitij’s voice. This is one of the reason’s why you instantly hate the ‘remix’ version of the song later incorporated into the album. It simply takes away from the fabulous vocals and salsa genre that was present in the original version.

Kaun Hai Ajnabi is the last original track in the album for which a remix version has also been added. Aditi Singh Sharma (Dilli – No One Killed Jessica & Yahi Meri Zindagi – Dev D) steals the limelight with this one as the track truly required someone with a very ‘different’ voice, in contrast to what we’re accustomed to in Bollywood music. Kay Kay offcourse is there to rock right beside her and steal the limelight whenever it’s his time. SEL churned out a completely innovative and creative number that cannot be slotted into any particular genre of music. If you’re into a more techno version of the song then the remix may just be your thing, otherwise you may think that the remix takes away from the beauty of the original track.

Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy have delivered an impressive album in terms of quality where all four tracks are unique and definitely more than merely ‘listenable’. However, in terms of quantity the album truly fails to impress, especially since
the two remixes aren’t impressive in the least bit. One truly wishes there were more original tracks in the album. But don’t forget to indulge in and appreciate the four amazing tracks present, whilst you sulk about the fact that there’s just four of them!

Our Rating

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