Ganesha beats Don and Krishh in sequel race!

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While the makers of Don, Krishh and Golmaal are still in the process of launching their latest sequels, the My Friend Ganesha series is all set to release its third part next week (March 26), taking a clear lead in the race for sequels in Bollywood.

Directed by Rajiv S. Ruia, My Friend Ganesha 3 also has the credentials of being India’s first 3D composite animation movie, combining animated characters with real-life actors.

“While the phenomena of sequels is not new in Hollywood, the Hindi film industry is finally realizing the importance of brand franchise, which helps connect across generations, increasing the shelf-life of movies,” says Ajhai Acharya, the co-producer of the film.

“When we successfully connected today’s generation to mythology in an entertaining way in the preceding parts, we realized, we could now take the characters of My Friend Ganesha to the next level,” says S.Sachindra, the writer of the movie. “Moreover, children relate better to Indian mythological characters, Ganesha being a hot favourite in almost every household,” he adds.

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